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Bisam Facade Systems runs extensive and significant projects both domestic and abroad with 14 years of experience and expertise. It is a company works on the production, application and architectural solutions of the projects of aluminum door, window and facade systems since 2000. Bisam presents the most innovative and convenient solutions for the needs of customers by evaluating aesthetic, economics and functionality all together.

Maternal and Pediatric Hospital, Turkmenistan
The company which implements the production process in its own factory located in Silivri, has departments such as aluminum profile processing, composite and aluminum panel processing and steel processing. Whether Bisam has 3.500 sqm. closed area on a total of 12.000 sqm. land, 9.000 sqm. additional closed area is in project phase.

Sudan National Telecom Building
Bisam which serves with its technical and administrative staff of 40 people and production and montage staff of 320 people, has 500 tones of door and window joineries, 1.200 tones of facade and 60.000 sqm. composite processing capacity in a year. It runs 35 percent of its projects in Turkey and 65 percent abroad with its experience and expertise. Turkmenistan, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Austria, Romania, Afghanistan, Egytp, Georgia and France are some of the countries where Bisam runs various projects.

Bisam provides quality, practical, long-life and aesthetic facade solutions for most sections of construction sector like tourism facility, hotel, university, shopping mall, administrative building, residence, power plant, factory, ministry building, airport, hospital, sport hall, museum, mosque, art center, school, library and store.

NEP Rectorate Building, Turkmenistan
Bisam Facade Systems follows the latest developments and innovations on the sector and gives lots of importance to benefitting from them on customer solutions. Our company designed, applied and delivered the world’s biggest “Thin Film Building Integrated Photovoltaics” (that turns solar energy to electric energy / BIPV system). It became the winner of the Technology and Innovation Category with that project which is the very first in the world at the 5th Successful SME’s Awards held by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

You can visit our web site for more information about Bisam's products and projects.

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