14 Mart 2014 Cuma

Facade With Aluminium Leaves

Vine-covered houses are certainly appealing. However fast-growing plants can be uncontrollable if left uncared for even a brief period. Fortunately to benefit from industry and technology in order to reflect the nature on buildings is now an alternative. 

London-based architecture company Squire and Partners transformed a building used as a public house in 18th century to five-storey private residence. The differentiated feature of this building is that its frontage consists of folded aluminium leaves. Consept is an output of three year period of research and development working with Swiss steel and metal manufacturer Tuchschmid. 

4.080 aluminium leaves were used on the building located in London. Each leaf was screwed onto the external wall one by one in order to generate a repetitive geometric impact. A PPC coating was applied to every leaf to conserve against the elements. The building reflects fall weather excellently because leaves have different tones.


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