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Aluminium in Construction

Aluminium that has a significant role in world economy is used in numerous sectors, but mostly in construction, transportation, packaging, electric-electronic and furniture. The percentage of aluminium in construction sector is 20%.
Characteristics of aluminium offer several advantages for construction sector. Well, what are the features making this metal so precious?   

  • Aluminium is soft and easy to process. It can be easily swaged, handled on the machine and poured. So it gives the opportunity of obtaining profiles in varied forms.
  • It is an elastic material and durable to sudden strikes.
  • It is a perfect solution for extreme weather conditions. Its endurance doesn’t decrease in low temperatures.
  • It has high resistance to corrosion.
  • Its fluid structure offers extensive opportunities for architectures and designers’ creative and innovative applications.
  • Aluminium is long-lived.
  • Its maintenance cost is low.
  • It is very light in weight, cheap and easy to transport.
  • It has a better  strength to weight ratio compared to other building materials.
  • It is a hundred percent recyclable without any deterioration. Moreover recycling requires only five percent of the energy to make new aluminium. 
  • It provides decorative appearance with anodized coating. 

Aluminium construction materials are made of alloys which are durable against weather conditions, corrosion and harmful effects of UV lights. So they guarantee the best performance through long lifetime. Aluminium is preferred in numerous building materials such as ceilings, walls, window frames, sun-shields, HVAC systems, doors, stairs, roof coatings and partition wall systems. Besides it is a widely-used material in all macro structures like malls, stadiums, hotels and bridges.

Aluminium’s first usage in construction was in the late 1800s. In 1898, dome of the Saint Gioacchino church in Rome was covered with silvery aluminium. Initially it replaced with metals like bronze, iron and steel for reinforcement and decoration, then it has been main equipment. Today it is almost impossible to see a building constructed without aluminium.  


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